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Merging the worlds of business, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology, James Kane has been recognized as one of the leading researchers and consultants in the science of loyalty and the role it plays in human relationships and the communities we form.

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With a speaking style that is as entertaining as it is informative, James Kane is able to take on subjects as complex as loyalty and human behavior and make them not only understandable, but both practical and actionable for any type audience.

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Combining the latest scientific research with 100,000 years of human evolution, James is creating an entirely new model for the way individuals and organizations need to build and nurture all of their relationships if they hope to make them loyal.

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James writes to overturn many of our conventional notions about what makes someone loyal - to another individual, to an organization, or to a cause - and how we often ignore the most basic of all human motivators.

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More information than you probably ever wanted or needed to know about Jim and the circuitous path he has taken in order to do what he truly loves.