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    James Kane says our beliefs about what makes someone loyal are often wrong - a premise he supports with intriguing research into the human brain and the emotions that control all of our behaviors. Considered to be the foremost expert on what makes someone truly loyal - to another person, to an organization, or to a cause - James has helped some of the largest and most well-known organizations in the world build nearly unbreakable relationships with not only their clients and customers, but with members, fans, guests, patients, volunteers, vendors, sponsors and employees, as well. His work reveals the science behind the real human emotion called loyalty, and what anyone can do to receive its benefits.

    The author of two upcoming books, The Loyalty Switch and Virtually Loyal, Kane has worked with every major industry, while advising and training organizations ranging from Global 1000 giants to small, regional companies, non-profits, and professional associations.  As one of the most quoted and profiled authorities on loyalty in the traditional mainstream media, as well as niche publications, industry newsletters, and the blogosphere, James has been profiled and quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, TIME Magazine, the BBC, and numerous other global and industry publications. He is a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC and FOX Business.  A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, James has served as a guest instructor at Harvard University and The Pennsylvania State University.



    W.C. Fields has been attributed with the quote: "Never work with children or animals" because they will steal the scene every time.  A smart man that W.C. Fields was, because of all the questions I get asked in my travels, "Who is the adorable golden lab on your website?" without a doubt tops the list. 

    By far!

    I suppose I should be embarrassed by the fact that a little dog would garner more interest than any words of wisdom I have to offer. But I'm not. Richie deserves all the attention he gets. He's cuter than I am, a better listener, and can teach every one of us an awful lot about loyalty.